20 Is A Name, Not A Number

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We believe losing 20 veterans to suicide a day is 20 too many. We believe that every veteran struggling with suicidal thoughts – and those who have lost the battle – are individuals with their own unique story. 

K9s For Warriors is dedicated to reducing veteran suicide by pairing every veteran at risk of suicide with a highly trained service dog proven to improve their quality of life.

Every 20 has a name. That’s why we’re launching a new awareness campaign in 2020 called 20 Is A Name, Not A Number. 

At K9s For Warriors, our entire team is dedicated to each of our warriors. Our comprehensive program means that each applicant and graduate will always receive the help they need and ask for. The person on the other end of the phone will always personally know who they are, either as their dedicated warrior relations specialist, or as someone who devoted time to their training.

All year long, we will be sharing testimonies of those who lost someone in the 20, and showing how our program of highly trained service dogs can help prevent suicide. Our warriors will give testimonies, our partners will share stories, and we hope that YOU, if affected by a veteran you lost to suicide, would be comfortable in also bravely sharing your story and support for other veterans who may be struggling with suicidal thoughts.

You can join our movement to reduce veteran suicide and support #20IsAName in a number of ways:

  1. Get Social. Share the story of a veteran you love who tragically lost the battle with suicide on your social media accounts with the hashtag #20IsAName. Or, simply show your support of our campaign to reduce veteran suicide by posting with the same hashtag. Be sure to tag @k9sforwarriors.
  2. Share our video. Does this video strike a chord with you?  Then please share it through email or your social channels with the hashtag #20IsAName.
  3. Donate. As a nonprofit, we are nothing without generous supporters who believe in our lifesaving work of saving dogs to save veterans. It is thanks to individuals who donate that we are nine years strong in our mission and growing by the day. Donate here to our 20 Is A Name, Not A Number campaign.
  4. Honor the 20. Shop our exclusive, limited-time only, #20IsAName merchandise. You can personalize it with the name of a loved one you want to honor, or buy a standard version to show your support for all who’ve passed due to, or at are at risk of, suicide. The #20IsAName shop is soon to come.

We want every 20 veterans to know that we know they matter, and it’s our mission to prevent them from being a part of the 20 veteran suicides per day.

20 Is A Name, Not A Number.