Are Warriors Required To Take Their Service Dogs Everywhere?

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Samantha Epstein

A warrior receives a service dog, trains, graduates, and then returns home with the dog. Once the warrior gets settled, he/she discovers in what situations the dog will provide the best assistance. Warriors are not required to take their service dog everywhere with them. K9s For Warriors does not enforce a policy that states that warrior-dog teams have to be together for a set amount of hours in a day. It is true, however, that a warrior can bring their service dog in any place the public is permitted. Many warriors bring their dogs to work with them. Malls, movie theaters, and restaurants are some other typical places where warriors will bring their dogs. At times, a warrior may go on a vacation or visit a place without the dog; this is acceptable. Whether the dog should accompany the warrior is always up to the warrior. The decision is based on how the warrior feels in certain places. Perhaps a warrior is very comfortable in a café they have been going to for years. If they can enjoy their meal without the symptoms of their disability interfering, the dog doesn’t necessarily need to be with them. Often times, a warrior may not take their dog to a place if there is a concern for the dog’s health or safety. A loud concert could hurt a service dog’s ears. A long trip to the beach or a theme park may cause a dog to overheat. Whatever the case, the warrior always will try to make the best choice for the team.

A warrior and his service dog

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