A Dog Trainer’s Point-Of-View: Part Three

Written by: 
Samantha Epstein

The hardest part about being a dog trainer


Dog trainers have a very special role in our organization. They are the liaisons between the animal and human worlds. Each trainer has a specific reason for choosing a career as a dog trainer, but as you could imagine, they all love working with dogs. Not every moment as a dog trainer is ideal, though. Our trainers shared their thoughts on the hardest parts of being trainers.



“Having to give the dogs up at the end of their training. We spend so much time with them – see them from shelter to service. The bond we grow is deep.”



“The emotional and physical aspects of training can be draining.”



“Helping very timid dogs come out of their shells.”



“Having to split your time between multiple dogs.”



“Maintaining patience when the dog is not doing what they know they should.”



“Not being able to fix every bad habit.”



“Understanding that dogs and humans speak two difference languages.”


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