A Dog Trainer’s Point-Of-View: Part Two

Written by: 
Samantha Epstein

Favorite Part of Training

Our dogs are very intelligent and achieve many milestones during their time at Camp K9; the process seems so natural, it is easy to take for granted. From the moment a dog is rescued, to the moment a dog graduates, and every second in-between, our trainers are developing the skills, correcting the behaviors, and shaping the personalities of our future service dogs. There is not a specific step in the process that is more important than the next; however, our trainers do have their favorite parts.



“I enjoy working with dogs on basic obedience. It’s great being engaged and in tune with them and feeling that moment when things just click.”


“I love the my lap command. It’s great for the dog and the trainer to experience.”


“Teaching dogs to heel and offer eye contact.”


“I like teaching the basic foundation of dog training then watching the dog progress.”


“The obstacle course; we create new challenges for them every day.”


“I enjoy clicker conditioning. Once they understand what the clicker means – training becomes so much easier for both the dog and the human.”


“Recall games.”


“I like incorporating distractions.”

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