Donor Spotlight: Fletcher High School

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Elizabeth Reeger

Ever since Fletcher High School’s Interact club learned about K9s for Warriors in 2013, they have been involved with the organization. When I was a student there and a member of the club, (now I am a student at FSU and an intern at K9s For Warriors), we set our sights on raising enough money to sponsor a dog - thousands of dollars. We expected raising this sum of money would be a huge challenge, and so we began to brainstorm.

With each fundraising idea we initiated, the money began to add up quicker than expected. First we ordered purple wristbands that said “K9s for Warriors” on them and sold them on Fletcher High's campus for $5. Next we set up donation jars by the cash registers in local businesses and set up tables outside of grocery stores, where we talked about K9s For Warriors. Finally we organized fundraising events including a benefit at Slider’s Oyster Bar (which is now an annual event) as well as trivia nights at Woody’s barbecue and Angie’s subs (restuarants in the Jacksonville area).

Fletcher High School raised money to sponsor a dog

Before we knew it, we had enough money to sponsor our first dog, whom was named Fletcher. The next year, after I graduated from high school, the club decided to sponsor another dog - and ended up sponsoring two more in one year through a local program that was matching donations. K9s for Warriors has become a cause that is very close to the students at Fletcher High School. As of today, they have sponsored eight dogs. I am so proud that I was able to be a part of Interact’s involvement with K9s. The success Interact has had in raising funds for K9s for Warriors exemplifies the support and respect the community has for this organization, and goes to show that anyone can make a difference if they have the initiative to do so.



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