How Dogs Are Trained At K9s For Warriors

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Samantha Epstein

The training of our dogs is performed on a daily basis by an excellent group of trainers. Trainers work with our dogs in three different phases: beginning, intermediate, and advanced. Dogs in the beginning phase train in basic obedience, socialization, and kennel manners. The intermediate phase introduces public access training and going out to places with trainers. They also start their task training, learning commands such as block, cover, and brace.

Dogs in the advanced phase go out to train in public every day. They are moved into higher stress environments and exposed to additional distractions. Upon completion of the advanced training, dogs are ready to be paired to a veteran. The time frame for each dog varies in the three phases of training, but the goal is for them to complete 30 hours of training in each phase. Once a dog is paired with a warrior, they train for an additional 120 hours alongside him/her.

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