Opt-In: Just Say No To Fake Service Dogs

Written by: 
Rory Diamond

As the leading service dog organization for disabled American veterans, we are committed to service, education, transparency, and doing what is right. Unfortunately, there are others out there who lack this commitment. If you search “service dog” on the Internet, you will likely discover a gratuitous number of websites providing false service animal documents and aids (some going as far as to “coach” you in faking having a service dog). The actions of these imposters mislead the public and, frankly, abets the dishonest. There is no justifiable reason for an organization to sell fake service dog information and products. You may have witnessed this fraud for yourself.

Our team has stepped up to end this issue by educating leaders in the travel, retail, and service industries to recognize valid service dogs. Moreover, we are developing a prototype “opt in” system with key national partners that will give reputable access providers the opportunity to determine service dog authenticity without violating the law. The system will operate like a TSA Pre-check for service dogs.

Please stay tuned for updates on our “opt-in” system to make reasonable, efficient accommodation for our American heroes, ensure the safety of our communities, protect the integrity of our businesses, and stand firmly for what is right and just.

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