R. Riveter's American Handmade Creativity Supports K9s For Warriors

From two military spouses in an attic in 2011, to one of America's fastest growing companies today - R.Riveter is a mission-driven company redefining American manufacturing, one military spouse and handcrafted product at a time. Each R.Riveter handbag and accessory is carefully crafted by military spouses stationed across the country, making each product truly American Handmade.

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Every R.Riveter handbag comes accessorized with a hand-dyed yellow leather support tag that serves as a symbol of patronage, in support of military service members and their families. When R.Riveter launched an exclusive line of leather collars and leashes for pets, they wanted to continue the sense of support and patronage for a cause close to their military ties.

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R.Riveter is proud to partner with K9s for Warriors to support veterans and military families. As part of R.Riveter’s new line of pet accessories known as the Fido Collection, R.Riveter has created a blue leather K9 Support Tag. Customers can attach K9 Support Tag to their R.Riveter handbag, or to their dog’s collar or leash to show support for veterans and K9s for Warriors.

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All profits from each of K9 Support Tag sold will go to K9s for Warriors, in effort to help connect service dogs to veterans in need.

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About R.Riveter

R.Riveter’s mission is to empower military spouses through mobile, flexible income and career opportunities. Born out of frustration and disappointment in their own career journeys due to a transient military life, founders and military spouses Cameron Cruse and Lisa Bradley decided to take action. And so, the company, named in honor of WWII icon Rosie the Riveter, was born.

What started as two women in an attic evolved into a nationwide network of military spouses working towards a common goal: to empower women by giving them the opportunity to achieve and elevate.

Each piece of an R.Riveter handbag starts in the home of a military family.  Employees, known as Riveters, craft parts and pieces of handbags and leather goods in their homes across the country. The different pieces are then shipped to the R.Riveter Fab Shop just outside of Fort Bragg, NC where they are handcrafted into a beautiful, American-made product.

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R.Riveter products are special in many ways; up to 15 military spouses take part in the creation of one handbag. Each part – from liner and canvas, to leather- is stamped with a unique identifier known as an RR number. Customers can find several RR numbers on their product and learn the names of the military spouses who manufactured it. The products are also aptly named after influential military spouses, whose profiles are featured on the R.Riveter website.

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With each spouse’s role in assembling the product, the mission is accomplished through the hands of many, coming together as one. The team spirit and community within R.Riveter drives individual and collective success.

In addition to selling their own products, R.Riveter is also proud to partner with other American Made and mission-driven makers. The R.Riveter Marketplace is a curated collection of products made by military spouses, veterans, and socially driven businesses. A percentage of proceeds from each sale in The R.Riveter Marketplace go towards the R.Riveter's Military Spouse Entrepreneurship Award, an opportunity inspired by Cruse and Bradley’s journey.

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