Shed Your Birthday Light on the Darkness of Suicide

Thanks for your interest in hosting a fundraiser for K9s For Warriors for your birthday!

What’s this all about? Last year, we noticed how generous Facebook users were in holding birthday fundraisers to benefit our program.  January is a time of new hopes and wishes for the coming year, so we thought we’d start a campaign to help you spread those hopes and wishes to our nation’s heroes suffering from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), and Military Sexual Trauma (MST).

An estimated 20 veterans take their own lives every day because they feel like hope is gone. We train service dogs to prevent veteran suicide. We’re here to renew the hope of our brave service members and veterans, and return them to a life of dignity and independence. (Read more about our mission here.)

Facebook fundraiserThis is a unique chance for you to personally share your birthday wishes with veterans who need a wish of their own to come true – find a way to heal from debilitating PTSD.  The donations raised from your birthday fundraiser will go straight into our program of finding and training abandoned dogs to become lifesaving PTSD service dogs for military veterans.

In addition to good feelings that you helped others for your birthday, we’re adding extra fun: whichever fundraiser raises the most will receive K9s For Warriors swag, be featured in a special post on our Facebook page, and may get to name a service dog! Subject to approval, whoever raises the most donations may have the honor of naming a future service dog for an American hero. With that comes extra perks in itself, like updates about the dog’s training, photos, and a special invitation to the service dog’s graduation ceremony with its warrior.


Q1: When will the winner be announced?

A1: Late March, after all donations are processed from Facebook. Date TBD. 

Q2: I want to be a part of this, but my birthday is another month!

A2: We appreciate your enthusiasm! Chances are, we’ll be able to hold another contest in another month.  In the meantime, find your friends with January birthdays, suggest that they participate, and then donate to their fundraiser!

Q3: But I already held a birthday fundraiser for you!

A3: Not to worry – all fundraisers matter! Thank you for leading the pack and showing others - and us! -  how much of a difference a birthday fundraiser makes.

Q4: How will I know you received the money?

A4: Facebook gives a lump payout every two weeks to charities receiving donations from Facebook users. We can’t see in real time who is donating or to which fundraiser they’re donating.  Therefore, we can’t look up your donation right away. We have never had an issue with payouts, so, rest assured, your valued money will come to our program.


*Important Privacy Information*

If you have a question or concern with your donation, do not contact K9s For Warriors, because we cannot help.  Why?  Facebook doesn’t give us your details. We never see your credit card information, email address, phone number – nothing.  This is a security measure to keep all your personal information secure. What you can do is go to Facebook support with your questions:

A Note on Party Poopers: While we don’t necessarily anticipate a scam problem, we all know there are scammers out there. And we all have personal info. on Facebook, such as email addresses and phone numbers. Therefore, please know: you will never receive a call from Facebook or K9s For Warriors regarding your donation. If you are called by someone claiming to be from Facebook or K9s For Warriors asking personal details about your donation, do not speak with them. Hang up.  No party poopers allowed.

Happy Birthday!