We Understand: A Note To The PTSD Caregiver

Written by: 
Samantha Epstein

Dear PTSD Caregiver,

You likely know this – but symptoms of PTSD can appear anywhere from one month to years after a traumatizing event occurs. These symptoms are debilitating. We understand that your warrior may no longer seem like the person you once knew; it is very difficult to see them in such a dark place. The truth is... witnessing this takes a toll on you, as well. PTSD can impact marriages, children, and families in unimaginable ways. This is not your fault. This is not your warrior's fault. We understand. It's okay.

We recognize that not everyone can do this job. This role takes compassion, strength, and commitment. Your warrior relies on you for comfort, assistance, and guidance. You are an invaluable source of care. You are irreplaceable. You deserve to hear that. We understand that the PTSD road is frightening and seems never-ending. We know that some days, everything seems impossible. We understand that the uncertainty can be crippling. We understand that you are doing the best you can. Just so you know, we think your best is pretty good. We want you to know that what you do counts. No deed is too small. Every action matters. We could not run this program without you.

Thank you for being you. Thank you for giving strength another try. Thank you for standing by your warrior.

Thank you for believing that one day, healing will come to your warrior. We believe it will, too.

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