What You Should Do When You See A Service Dog Team Traveling

Written by: 
Brett Simon

When you encounter a service dog team during travel, the best thing you can do is respectfully admire them from afar. You may be tempted to pet the dog, but remember – the dog is working and should not be distracted. Keep in mind that you do not know what disability the handler may have.  Distracting a service dog could cause the dog to miss a cue that his handler may be going into a medical emergency. 

Please allow the team the space needed to navigate the area they are in, especially in a busy airport or crowded plane. If you have the pleasure of being seated by a service dog team on an airplane, be courteous by ensuring the dog has plenty of room. Once the service dog is settled, the handler may be comfortable enough to discuss his service dog; keep in mind, however, that not all handlers like to discuss why they have a service dog. Please do not ask the handler to disclose their disability.

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