Why K9s For Warriors Is Unique

Written by: 
Samantha Epstein

K9s For Warriors is not like other service dog organizations. The training is intense and program participants are required to stay on campus for 21 days. What really sets K9s apart from other organizations, however, is the very personal and family-oriented feel of the environment. Nested on nine acres of land, each portion of Camp K9 was built with the warrior’s needs and comfort in mind. The main building consists of the administration office and the warrior clubhouse. Large kitchen, dining areas, living areas, a library, and a gym make up the clubhouse. The back outside area features patio-seating near a dog bone-shaped pool. Two kennels on campus keep our dogs safe when they are not training. Five fenced dog parks and a carriage house also lie on the property. Camp K9 provides the ideal environment for warriors to train and heal.


Camp K9 Clubhouse

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