Foster a Dog

If you are looking to get involved, fostering one of our dogs-in-training is a unique and rewarding way to do it. Fostering helps us learn more about the dog because we want to put the dog in the most loving home possible. There are several reasons that we foster some of our dogs. It can be due to medical reasons, to help the dog be social or to see how the dog will do living in a home environment. Fostering can last from one month to three to four months. Who wouldn’t want to experience the love and fulfillment of a dog being your companion for a few months? Fostering a dog is a wonderful opportunity to get involved in our mission all the while making a new friend. Not only that, but K9s For Warriors provides everything from food to covering medical expenses. The only responsibility you will have is to make the dog feel loved and welcome. This opportunity is a win-win!

Foster volunteers must be at least 18 years old and are required to adhere to the following requirements:

  • Must live within 50 miles of Camp K9 (Ponte Vedra, Florida)
  • Must have regular access to a car
  • Must attend 4 human-only classes with our K9 Trainers
  • Must attend regular obedience classes with our K9 Trainers
  • Provide a safe environment for a dog undergoing medical treatment
  • Provide the appropriate socialization opportunities such as public outings
  • Agree to return the dog upon request