Foster or Camp a Puppy

Foster or Camp a Puppy

A ‘foster’ is a volunteer who may raise a puppy for a few weeks to a few months. A foster usually gets an older puppy under 2 years old. A foster puppy may need socialization, medical care, or some final training. During this time, K9s For Warriors will provide everything for the fostered dog: food, leash, crate, training classes, and cover any/all medical expenses.

A puppy ‘camper’ or ‘sitter’ is a volunteer who babysits a puppy for a raiser when the raiser needs some personal time that does not include the puppy. For example, if a raiser is going on vacation and can’t take the puppy, a camper will be called to step in for a short period of time to temporarily raise the puppy. 

All volunteer raisers, campers, and fosters will be trained by K9FW and must attend at least 4 human only classes to ensure that all puppies are trained in a consistent manner. This training allows all volunteers to choose what level of involvement fits their lifestyle be it a raiser, foster or camper. 

Foster and/or Campers must be at least 18 years old and adhere to the following requirements:

  • Fosters must live within 50 miles of Camp K9
  • Provide a safe and healthy environment for fostered dogs
  • Attend K9s For Warriors obedience classes with our K9 Trainers
  • Provide the dog with appropriate socialization opportunities such as public outings
  • Communicate with K9 Trainers about the dog’s behavior and health during fostering
  • Supervise the dog throughout the day
  • Agree to return the dog upon request


Puppy Program Volunteer Application


Please contact our K9 Trainers with any questions about becoming a foster or camper to one of our amazing Service Dogs in training!