The K9s For Warriors training facility is in Ponte Vedra, FL. It is located two miles from the beautiful beaches of North Florida, and it is 23 miles from downtown Jacksonville. This campus is an all-in-one facility which consists of our kennels and administrative offices.

We call the campus, “Camp K9,” and it is 17,000-square-feet with a full kitchen, dining hall, lounge, exercise room and library/card room to accommodate the Warriors while class is in session.  At this facility, the warriors reside for three weeks to train with their new battle buddies so that they can return to civilian life. 

Not only do the Warriors get to reside in a beautiful training facility, but the dogs do too! The dogs get to live in a top-notch environment with two kennels, totaling 61 climate-controlled stalls and five enclosed dog parks for training and play. When training is done, the dogs get to enjoy a dip in their bone-shaped pool to cool off and relax.


K9s For Warriors transport vehicle.
Living room area in the Warrior Suites.
Fully furnished bathrooms for our warriors. A home away from home.
K9s For Warriors transport vehicles for veterans and dogs.
Back view of our dog training van.
Side view of our dog training van.
Each dog is safely contained in their own crate for transportation.
K9s For Warriors dog training transport vehicle.
K9s For Warriors administrative office.
Private offices for meetings.
K9s For Warriors reception & welcome area.
Library with computers and books for the warriors.
Warriors can use the computers on site during their stay at Camp K9.
The interior of our kennel.
Front view of one of our kennels.
Exercise room for the warriors.
K9s For Warriors welcome area leading into the administrative office.
Dog bone-shaped pool. Dogs only please!
Dining area for the warriors.
Fully furnished clubhouse where warriors can relax after training.
K9s For Warriors carriage house.
Welcome to Camp K9!
ADA Compliant Transportation.
Our spacious transport vans can accommodate the warriors and their dogs.


A 67-acre property in Central Florida was donated to us by the Gold family in 2017. The house features 9 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. The property is powered by $1 million worth of solar panels, making it energy independent. It opened in 2018 as our second campus. This campus will target smaller class sizes and be the primary training location for female veterans.

View the beautiful K9s For Warriors Gold Family Campus video here:



One of the 9 fully furnished bedrooms at the Gold Family Campus.
One of the 9 fully furnished bedrooms at the Gold Family Campus.
Reception Desk
Captain the Service Dog
Gold Family Campus bubbling brook
Gold Family Campus outdoor seating
Gold Family Campus Front Doors
Gold Family Campus Lake
Gold Family Campus Main House
Bass Fishing and Service Dog
Bass Fishing at Gold Family Campus
Gold Family Campus Aerial View
Gold Family Campus Hammock
Gold Family Campus Meals
One of the 9 fully furnished bedrooms at the Gold Family Campus
Welcome to the Gold Family Campus!
Living area for rest and relaxation at the Gold Family Campus.

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