Providing Service Dogs For Veterans

Service canines are a treatment aid for Post-Traumatic Stress Disability (PTSD), where medications often fail. Service canines are considered medical equipment and are recognized by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), an agency of the U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division.

Our in-house program provides each warrior with 120 hours of hands-on training with professional canine and warrior trainers. Each dog utilized in the program is carefully selected and extensively trained to become a service dog for an American hero.

The program includes public access testing, service canine equipment, seminars, veterinary care, meals and housing at no cost.


Training Philosophy

K9s For Warriors’ philosophy is to involve the veteran in the training of their new service canine partner, allowing the warrior the opportunity to be part of the solution to their recovery.

Our canine trainers and kennels are overseen by Brett Simon, President of K9s For Warriors and team lead of Canine Operations, a 15-year veteran of the Miami Township Police Department and a DOD-contracted canine handler. Brett and his team have over 92 years of combined experience including: service canine, military, police, competition and private sector training.

Camp K9 has two state-of-the-art kennels that can house up to 57 dogs at full capacity. The kennels feature an on-site veterinary clinic, indoor training area, and indoor/outdoor runs for the dogs.

In 2016, K9s For Warriors was awarded with an Outstanding Kennel Evaluation from the Jacksonville Humane Society. K9s For Warriors is an accredited member of Assistance Dogs International, and holds the highest quality of service dog training and overall canine care.


The staff at K9s For Warriors respects the service of all generations of our military heroes. At this time our program can only assist veterans whose service ended after 9/11. This is due to limited resources and current wait list time to attend our program. However, our team is dedicated to finding support and resources for the generations of pre 9/11 veterans.

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Veterans Crisis Line

Antonio & Donovan, January 2018
Antonio & Donovan
Amy & Macy, May 2013
Amy & Macy
Jimmy & Eddie, September 2017
Jimmy & Eddie

If you are a post-9/11 veteran who would like to apply for our program, view the Warrior Application below. If you’re in need of other forms of assistance, visit our Resources page for an extensive list of organizations that support veterans and their families.

I attended the program hoping that a service dog will help with my anxiety and fear. Also, I want to be able to go to my daughter’s functions, show her support and be the outgoing parent to her that I once was. Some veterans don’t have the support needed to get through the tough times. This training with my new service dog partner gives me that support, help and hope that I’ve been needing to continue on with life. K9s For Warriors is truly a life changing program! -Michelle & Leia, July 2016