A Message From Our Chief Opperating Officer

As an Army veteran deployed to Iraq in 2003-04, I am intimately familiar with the challenges that our warriors face daily. Depression and isolation are just two of the many problems service members may experience when returning from a combat zone. In 2012, when I was introduced to K9s For Warriors, I realized there was hope for returning warriors who, like me, struggled with issues related to deployment.

Working at K9s – Way More Than What Meets the Eye

When one of our staff tells someone he/she works at K9s For Warriors, the usual follow-up question is,

“So, you train the dogs?” 

Well, “No ...” is the answer for about 90% of our staff. 

There are several departments that churn and burn to sustain the operation that is the whole of K9s For Warriors.  Besides the obvious K9s Operations, we have other vital departments: Warrior Relations, Development, Public Relations, etc.  All are equally important, working in tandem to make K9s what it is.

So, what exactly does the rest of the staff do?