Puppy Raisers

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If you love dogs, then you know that puppies are just adorable bundles of love that brighten up anyone’s day. As a puppy raiser, you can welcome a K9 puppy into your own home. You can raise a puppy from 8 weeks to 16 months old, and the best part is, we provide everything! You don’t have to worry about buying food, a leash, a crate, training classes or medical expenses because K9s For Warriors takes care of all of that. The only responsibility you will have is to provide love and nurturing for a future veteran hero.

Being a puppy raiser/foster/camper gives you the opportunity to get involved with our mission. If you are interested in this unique opportunity, you must follow these requirements:

  • Must be at least 18-years-old
  • Must live within 50 miles of Camp K9 (Ponte Vedra, Florida)
  • Must have regular access to a car
  • Must attend 4 human-only classes with our K9 Trainers to ensure that all puppies are trained in a consistent manner
  • Must attend monthly puppy training classes with our K9 Trainers
  • Provide a safe environment for a puppy under 16 months of age
  • Teach the puppy manners and basic skills
  • Provide the puppy with age-appropriate socialization opportunities such as public outings
  • Supervise the puppy throughout the day
  • Agree to return the puppy upon request



Every service dog starts out as a puppy that needs lots of love and care.
With guidance and proper training each puppy will grow into an elite service dog for a veteran in need.
Volunteer puppy raising is an incredible way to help give our military veterans a new leash on life.