Discover What Our Warriors Have to Say

dog & veteran
Jeremiah & Vinny – January 2019
“K9s has opened the door to my life again by giving me Vinny. It’s a family trying to save one brother and sister at a time. It is now up to me to continue stepping forward.”
dog & veteran
Mario & Glory – November 2018
“One of my best friends graduated from this program. After noticing the change in my battle buddy’s emotional and physical state of mind, I immediately wanted to be part of it. This has been one of the best experiences of my life and is definitely life-changing. The training is top notch, instructors are passionate and squared away, the facility is immaculate and most importantly, you’re going to leave with a new best friend that will not judge you and provide you with love and comfort.”
David & Doc - April 2019
“Doc has taught me what unconditional love is. He has allowed me to break free of the mental combat zone I have been stuck in with my PTSD. Utilizing K9FW as a holistic approach, I hope to one day be off all medications and help guide others to a path of recovery.”
dog & veteran
Mozart & Penn – January 2020
“K9s For Warriors has brought my life back. The training program, my Service Dog, Penn, and the employees here are better than anything I could have imagined. I hope that with Penn by my side, I will be able to leave the house more often and come back to society as a more productive citizen.”
dog & veteran
Rebecca & Bobbi – August 2018
“K9s For Warriors gave me back my confidence, and most importantly, my smile. It’s given me a reason to get out of bed excited about facing my fears and challenging myself. I know Bobbi will always be there for me to lean on. I lacked that security before I came to Camp K9. It’s given me a reason to be grateful, instead of carrying around my usual grudge. It gives you a purpose and a responsibility, and of course, a battle buddy.”
Julia & Liberty – August 2019
“K9s For Warriors has pushed me beyond what I thought was possible. With Liberty by my side, I am starting to see who I was before this disabiltiy consumed me. Liberty makes me feel confident to get out of the house and go more places with my kids. I am no longer able to self-isolate given that Liberty counts on me to care for her.”
dog & veteran
Amy & Kelly – December 2019
“As a veteran with PTSD & MST, I have been dependent on my husband for any situation involving large crowds or night time. Having Kelly offers me a sense of independence and safety, where I am confident I can take on these tasks with Kelly by my side. K9s For Warriors gives the dogs they rescue second chances, and in return, these dogs give veterans second chances. They could not have paired me with a more perfect soulmate. She is everything I never knew I needed. I have never been so beautifully challenged or smiled this much in as long as I can remember.”
Damian & Shai – June 2019
"I believe my love for Shai will motivate me to keep moving forward. Shai can sense my anxiety before I can, which has allowed me to stay ahead of major episodes and take control of the situation before it spins out of control. Once I met Shai, I felt a softness and warmth in me that I hadn't felt in a long time. He has been a saving grace to me. I will never be who I once was before my PTSD, but knowing he will always be by my side I am confident that I will find new ways to heal.”