Discover What Our Warriors Have to Say

Karen & George, March 2017
I don't even know where to begin. K9s For Warriors has been unbelievable, and it's been such a whirlwind. George was a rescue, and I am SO thankful they saved his life. In turn, he has saved my life.
Rickey & Rocco, October 2016
After doing some research into PTSD and service dogs, I chose to attend the K9s For Warriors program because of their values and credentials.  The fact that they are operated by veterans just like me made training a great experience.  I hoped the program would help me regain lost confidence and become close with my family again.  Simply put this program is a family and they are saving lives!  Once a Warrior, always a Warrior.
James & Burnside, August 2016
I found the program through the NJ State Police and Troopers Assisting Troops where I met K9s For Warriors founder, Shari Duval.  I had attempted suicide a few months prior and Troopers recommended I call Shari and get a service dog.  My dog Bernie has given me the security to leave my comfort zone.  Going through the program has given me piece of mind, and Bernie helps to mitigate my PTSD and Operational Stress.
Michelle & Leia, July 2016
I attended the program hoping that a service dog will help with my anxiety and fear. Also, I want to be able to go to my daughter’s functions, show her support and be the outgoing parent to her that I once was. Some veterans don’t have the support needed to get through the tough times. This training with my new service dog partner gives me that support, help and hope that I’ve been needing to continue on with life. K9s For Warriors is truly a life changing program!
LaWanna & Corey, July 2015
My VA mental health doctor gave me a prescription for a service dog.  I researched many organizations but felt comfortable with K9s For Warriors application process and the Warrior Relations team.  I knew I needed help and K9s had an excellent reputation for placing the right dog with the right vet.  The program will challenge you to live again after the horrible traumas of war, sexual abuse, fear and doubts. If you want to live give to K9s For Warriors!  They help warriors take control of what seemed lost.
Christian & Faith, March 2016
The love and acceptance you get once you walk through the doors from the organization is reason alone to come to K9s For Warriors.  When you get your dog, the bonding process begins immediately and that’s when the magic happens.  Faith, a word that lost its meaning to me long ago, now walks by my side everywhere I go.  My tomorrows don’t look so dark anymore and thinking about my future doesn’t turn my stomach into knots.  Thanks to this amazing program I can begin to give back to my community and lead from the front as I was taught in my many years of military service.
Keith & Vulcan, April 2015
Before attending the program, I needed help.  My wife gave me ultimatum and I wanted to save our marriage.  I wanted K9s For Warriors to help me go out to more places and feel more comfortable.  I also wanted my wife to be a wife and not a caretaker.  I really didn’t know what to expect about attending the program.  I was nervous but everyone welcomed me.  It was very homey and no matter what, everyone was here to help you regardless of your problem.