We see lives changed every day; you can help make it last!

K9s For Warriors is committed to pursuing excellence while providing our program at no cost to the warrior. We welcome a new class of Warriors each month and never require a fee. We receive no government funding. Instead, our generous partners help us every step of the way through contributions, fundraisers, and volunteer support.

There are so many different ways to give back to rescue dogs and military heroes, such as donating your TIME, your TALENT, and/or your TREASURE.  At K9s For Warriors, we do our very best to help you be part of our important mission that focuses on saving lives, both furry and human.  If we each do what we can, whether your efforts fit into TIME, TALENT, and/or TREASURE, together we can help STOP the 22 veteran suicides that occur every single day.  

Individual and Corporate Sponsorships

Dog Sponsorship Program:
Invest in the future of a rescue dog and military hero by sponsoring the training of a service dog: an essential tool in each veteran’s life-changing road to recovery.

Large Corporate Sponsorships:
K9s For Warriors can work with your team to build a meaningful campaign that not only enhances the lives of veterans and rescue dogs, but also delivers a meaningful message about your company’s social responsibility commitment to your employees and consumers.

Small Business Sponsorships:
So many business owners like you feel compelled to give back, but sometimes, large cause-marketing campaigns are simply not possible.  Let us work with you on finding an avenue of support that not only assists us in our mission, but also fulfills your desire to save lives.

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Guard Dog

Recurring Donation – Guard Dog Program

An alarming 22 veterans commit suicide every day. K9s For Warriors is putting a STOP to this by providing first-class, life-saving programs that help veterans return to civilian life with dignity and independence. In order to sustain our successful programs, we need your help. With a donation of $22 or more per month, you will become a K9s For Warriors Guard Dog.

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One-time Donation

You can help us fuel our life-saving program by making a monetary contribution today.

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Community Events Hosting a Fundraiser

There’s no better way to get your community involved with a good cause than by hosting a community event! You can support K9s For Warriors by holding anything from a bake sale to a fun event with raffles and door prizes.

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Workplace Giving

CFC – Combined Federal Campaign:
K9s For Warriors is now a national member of the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). CFC workplace giving programs allow employees to make a regular donation to eligible charities through their companies’ payroll system. CFC #82286

Matching Gifts:
Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match any charitable contributions or volunteer hours made by their employees.

Employee Giving Drives:
Your company can help K9s For Warriors by engaging employees through giving events such as casual days, department competitions, holiday-giving drives or similar activities.

Payroll Deduction:
Payroll deduction is a quick, easy and efficient way to give to K9s For Warriors. Your gift can typically be deducted from your paycheck as a one-time donation or at each pay period.

Generous gifts from corporate, public or family foundations provide critical support to help K9s For Warriors save the lives of American heroes.

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Stock Donation

Stocks, bonds or any other securities are a great alternative to traditional charitable contributions. To donate stock to K9s For Warriors, you may use the form provided. Please consult with your financial advisor, or write to info@k9sforwarriors.org for further assistance.

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Donor Advised Funds

A donor-advised fund (DAF) is a charitable giving program that allows you to combine the most favorable tax benefits with the flexibility to support your favorite causes, like K9s For Warriors!

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Planned Giving

Leave behind an incredible legacy by helping rescue dogs and military heroes.  All it takes is a little planning. We are here to assist you in planning your financial future to achieve the greatest benefit for you, your family and the live-saving programs that make up K9s For Warriors.

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Vehicle Donation

Did you know that old, unused car, truck, RV, boat, or motorcycle in your driveway can be used to help K9s For Warriors?

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K9s For Warriors Wishlist

Visit our wishlist to see items that our Warriors and service dogs use every day! Here, you will see what your donation will provide to our programs.

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Gift-in-Kind Donations

K9s For Warriors can accept goods of pantry items, peanut butter, paper towels, and safe dog toys like Jolly balls and KONG toys. Every little bit helps!

Please contact info@k9sforwarriors.org to get a current list of items K9s For Warriors can use.

Donate A Dog

Most of the dogs in the K9s For Warriors program are rescued from shelters, but we also accept owner surrenders. Do you know of a dog that would be a good candidate for our program?

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Cooking for K9s

Help make our Warriors feel more at home by preparing a home-cooked meal for them to enjoy during their stay. Please contact volunteers@k9sforwarriors.org for more information!

Kennel Enrichment

Get to know our service dogs-in-training by assisting in our kennels and helping us run a tight ship! For more information on how you can join in, please contact volunteers@k9sforwarriors.org.

Volunteer Ambassador Program

Share our mission with the public by becoming a part of a unique team of volunteers who attend various events on K9s For Warriors’ behalf.

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Puppy Raising & Fosters

One of the best things to experience with dogs is what they are like as puppies! As a Puppy Raiser for K9s For Warriors, you too can enjoy this as you raise a puppy from 8 weeks of age to 12 months

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Program Enhancements

K9s For Warriors is always looking for special ways to make our program experience better for our warriors. What talents do you possess that might help us do that?

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